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Sanctioned competition in the United States is governed by the US Chess Federation
San Jose Chess Club is USCF affiliated and certified to conduct rated chess venues
A scholastic tournaments is for Pre-K thru 12th graders under 18 years old
Students are sectioned off according to their USCF rating and grade levels
Players must obtain a USCF membership to participate in rated gameplay 
School Tournaments are grouped by age & grade only and do not require a USCF ID#
Click the box below to obtain a USCF ID or for more US Chess Federation information
USCF grade and rating details can be found at the bottom of this page

LASD 13TH Copy of Chess Tournament Poste
Cherry Chase 7th Annual Chess  Tournamen

30+ Years of Chess Club Classes at 100's of Bay Area School Locations
Professional Training by 'active' US Chess Federation Members
We're now the #1 Online K-12 Chess School in the USA

Pre K - Kindergarten

Pre K & Kindergarten Students (all)

Grades 1 - 3

1-3 Rookie (unrated)
1-3 Beginner (100-249)
1-3 Intermediate (250-499)

1-3 Jr. Varsity (500-799)

1-3 Championship (800+)

Grades 4 - 6

4-6 Rookie (unrated)
4-6 Intermediate (100-499)

4-6 Jr. Varsity (500-799)

4-5 Championship (800+)
4-6 Championship (800+)

Grades 6 - 12

6-12 Rookie (unrated)

6-8 Intermediate (100-799)

6-8 Jr. Varsity (800-1199)
6-8 Championship (1200+)

9-12 Intermediate (100-799)S

9-12 Jr. Varsity (800-1599)

9-12 Championship (1600+)

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