The PRO Chess Teachers in our directory are the best in the biz. Chess-Education.

Let us find the coach with the intellect & knowledge of our dynamic chess curriculum. 

We have a unique core of the most experienced, educated and successful Chess Instructors available for on-site, in-class instruction and tournament preparation.

Chess helps enhance academic & scholastic skills.  Through stories, games, and analogies, we introduce the game of chess to students in a fun and exhilarating way!


This exciting educational experience teaches students to play chess and helps them excel by stimulating their problem-solving, critical thinking and analytical skills; and improves self-esteem.


Through activity books, puzzle-sheets, tournaments, interactive games and enthusiastic lessons we give students all of the skills they need to become Chess Club All-Stars!


Also, come out and play Chess with GIANT chess pieces and chess tables at Santana Row Park in San Jose, CA.

CA Anuual State Chess Championships



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USCF Rated in-school Tournaments


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US Chess Congress



More to come...