Scholastic Chess Club Info


"Coach Brett is the best! He coaches my son in baseball and now in chess class!" -Jonchi(Jimmy) Lee


"Great program and very convenient. Keeps my son excited about Chess!" -Christine Crosby

"My son enjoyed the class very much! We will enroll him again next year!" -Suzana Knezevic 


"We were unsure about enrolling our son in chess at the beginning of Kinder, but he has absolutely loved it. He's asked to go back and do each subsequent session, and has finished the year with a great grasp of the concepts, and loves to play. Considering he's a super active kid who doesn't much like staying still, we are super impressed at how engaged he has been, and the fact that they have kept it fun and interesting for all levels of children (with occasional donuts :)). Definitely back next year!" -Kate Hiller

"My daughter had so much fun! The coaches are nice and knowledgeable. We are gonna sign up again in the fall." -Stacey Jacob


"What a great idea to enhance a child's academic growth!" -Thuy Nghiem

"My kid loves it! Nice techniques! Very motivating indeed!" -Madhurya Ramshankar


"My two children had so much fun, the older child was able to learn so much but the Kinder stalled a little in the beginning. The Kinder teacher is a Stanford pediatrician and she is great!" -Shivali Patel

"They are amazing and really care about all students. very respectful to parents! My son loves their program!" -Enas Al-Mais 


"My son has been in the chess program at Eisenhower School for 6 years straight, we did not expect much but he had a lit of fun with his friends learning & playing. Last year my son was coached by coach Loanna before the state championship and he took 6th overall in the state of California! Not to mention the Eisenhower team coached by the SJ Chess School brings back huge trophies year after year from their success at the annual State Chess Championships, we are lucky to have you still here even with the retirement of Cheryl Karp we were worried you may not be back. Thanks for all you do, you are underrated." -Kenneth Dutra


"We loved chess club! can't wait for the next session! Our coach was very patient and friendly, my son learned a lot and totally enjoys coming every Wednesday!" -Ana Carrera 

"My daughter is in T-K and we were hesitant in signing her up for chess club, but she thoroughly enjoys the class. She looks forward to her class every week and would get upset when she misses it. I was impressed when she played with her older brother the other day and saw her play for the first time. Apparently, she learned a lot from the class alone, considering we didn't practice with her at all." -Thuy Chau


"Highly recommended and we'll likely join the club again next school year. My daughter loved it, learned a lot and came away with a 1st place award. She's only 7 and just learned chess!" -Lori Maupas 

"Our Son goes to Chess Club at Cumberland Elementary. He thoroughly enjoys being there and he is learning a lot. The books that they provide are very helpful and guides him step by step. In fact, being a chess player myself, I learned a lot of new things from the book and it has improved my game. The teacher's Coach Loanna, Master Brett and Coach Fabiano are awesome and are very encouraging." -Raj Char 

Chess Coach Fabian rocks! So cool this club actually teaches abs holds tournaments and they even send teams to state championships everywhere. Other clubs they just sit around and play.

Scholastic Chess Club by AcademiCare

We currently coordinate scholastic Chess Clubs in over 55 Bay Area school sites.  Over the past 25 years, we have taught tens of thousands of chess-kids of all ages & skill levels.  Chess Clubs are held after school, during, before, at lunch-time, and now online virtually,  and in-home learning pods. We teach an Academic style of chess that has proven to raise math and reading scores as well as boost social skills with the assistance of the 1st-Move program!
We are devoted to promoting the merits of chess amongst children by using stories, analogies, and catchy songs to make the game of chess exciting.  This unique learning experience not only teaches children to play chess but also prepares them for life by enhancing their thought process.  Children participating in the Chess Club develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, have better concentration and mental discipline and gain confidence.
We know the best teachers available and have what it takes to teach intermediate, advanced, and all the way to master level, we try to make Chess Club as fun as possible and give the kids the tools they will need to study chess on their own.  No organization can make a student chess master in just meeting once a week, we instead emphasize the fun over the competitive elements while still being a "good sport" to get our kids excited about chess.
1st-Move Curriculum by SJ Chess Club

First Move is an award-winning in-classroom curriculum using chess as a learning tool in K-5 grade classrooms.

The program focuses on enhancing the core curriculum while improving the student’s critical thinking and test-taking skills. Kids see chess as a game and do not realize the powerful learning that goes on while they play.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your program different from other chess companies?

Our scholastic Chess Club offers successful chess education through our award-winning chess curriculum, at affordable prices, with the highest level of instruction in all 9-Bay Area counties: 

Santa Clara, San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, Solano, Sonoma.


Are the Chess Teachers background checked?

Yes indeed. Our entire staff of Certified Chess Club Coaches is background checked by the US Dept of Justice, TB tested, and now clear COVID-19/Corona Virus test results.


Is your scholastic Chess school insured?

Absolutely, we possess liability, and after school insurance worth over 4.5 million dollars as well as additional insured coverages.

What are the age range and skill level for Chess classes?

Our range is open to all interested K-12 students, for levels beginner through intermediate, advanced, and even competitive.